Course Description

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1. The Steppes - 144 yards
Number 1 is surprisingly deceptive start to the round. Although the green appears to be much lower than the tee box it is in fact almost the same elevation as the rear tee. At 145 yards from the rear tee bear in mind the prevailing winds cross from left to right and are often not noticeable due to the terrain.
Hole tip: select a club that will hit ten yards farther and stay left
2. Respite - 103 yards
Number, 2 plays to a tight elevated green surrounded by birch and trembling aspen.
Hole tip: be on the green or be short
3. Fortress - 165 yards
Number 3 exposes you to water for the first time 'in the round. The front of the green is protected by a large pond. From the rear tee you, must carry at least 155 yards. The front tee requires a carry of 105 yards.
Hole tip: longer is better
4. Sanctuary - 109 yards
Number 4 is a straight hole on the edge of a stand of birch. A ravine on the right protects the green.
Hole tip: play short or on the green.
5. The Grail - 83 yards
Number 5 is a short hole which plays to an elevated green.
Hole tip: long or short are both safe
6. The Moat - 140 yards
Number 6 is a beauty to behold. There are two tee placements both of which require a carry over water.
Hole tip: don’t be long
7. The Maiden - 104 yards
Number 7 is a nice relaxing hole. No real trouble.
Hole tip: just enjoy it
8. Sentinel - 150 yards
Number 8 green is slightly elevated from the rear tee and considerably elevated from the forward tee. The landing area forward of the green is large.
Hole tip: avoid being right and long
9. Duffy’s View - 140 yards
Number 9 the deep gully that cuts between the tee and the green makes the hole appear longer than it is. Beautiful view of the surrounding countryside.
Hole tip: believe the yardage on the sign
10. Gauntlet - 101 yards
Number 10 is another deceptive hole due to the deep gully between the tee and the green. It plays over a hedge of dogwood.
Hole tip: you will require plenty of lift
11. The Folly - 104 yards
Number 11 is a large long green guarded on the left by a fishpond and on the right by a deep hollow.
Hole tip: Play to the front of the green
12. The Landing - 150 yards
Number 12 is an elevated tee box considerably higher than the green. The green is guarded on the right by water.
Hole tip: Don't be long
13. Castle - 92 yards
Number 13 is another elevated green. There is plenty of landing room on the front. The first hole in one was made here.
Hole tip: consider an extra club to account for elevation
14. Baggend - 101 yards
This tee box allows a great view of the preceding holes and countryside. The elevated tee box feeds into a green nestled in the trees.
Hole tip: just a nice easy swing
15. The Chute - 160 yards
The back tee plays over a gully and through a tree lined chute. The forward tee avoids the gully. A large landing area surrounds the green.
Hole tip: This hole generally plays into the prevailing winds but the wind will not be apparent from the tee.
16. The Lookout - 105 yards
Plays to a long green guarded by a hill to the left and a drop off to the right. This green provides a great panorama of the countryside. Cities of Edmonton and Spruce Grove are visible from here on a clear day
Hole tip: Play to the front of the green
17. Hobbit - 91 yards
The contours of the fairway give the illusion of a longer hole.
Hole tip: Stay right
18. Oasis - 175 yards
This is the club signature hole. Elevated tees play over water and trees to a spectacular green in front of the clubhouse gallery.
Hole tip: Stay right